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Discover what this movement is all about – and how we got here?

I wish BizMin had been around when I was struggling to view my work in business as a ministry

Fiona, business AND MISSION leader

Have you ever wondered what God really thinks about your business?

Is your work just a stopgap before your real ministry starts? Or is it more than that?

We think it’s so much more

At BizMin, we believe business has the potential to play a significant role in God’s plan and purpose. Not just as a source of revenue. Or a means of seeding growth and ending poverty. But as a way to do ministry itself. If you’re a business owner or leader who follows Jesus Christ, we believe you should be fully endorsed in your calling to business and equipped to be fruitful in it.

That’s what BizMin is all about

We created BizMin to mobilise and equip Christian entrepreneurs. First, to discover what the Bible has to say about the best way to do business (answer: a lot!). Second, to put those discoveries into practice: blessing others, profiting through purpose and transforming business into a comprehensive Christian ministry, for the glory of God.

How do we do this? The main way is through the BizMin Course, an interactive discipleship programme that runs on Zoom. It is transforming participants and their businesses all over the world. We also deliver in-person talks, workshops and events to businesses and churches around the world. By God’s grace, the movement has been flourishing and growing.

If you love Christ and want to see the culture of business transformed for His glory, we would love to go on that journey with you too. The adventure starts here…

Paul Bulkeley
BizMin Founder

How do we help make business a ministry?

BizMin helps Christian entrepreneurs discover…


The CONVICTION that business is your God-given calling


The COMPETENCE to do business God’s way


The COURAGE to put this into practice

What we believe.

What does it take to create a Christlike business culture? The BizMin Code is a set of 10 commitments that will help to transform the way you do business.

BizMin’s story

We first felt the need for a business-as-ministry movement more than 20 years ago. But the mission really came into focus after a trip to India in 2007.

This is our story.

The BizMin journey so far…


In early 2003 a recently qualified architect called Paul Bulkeley was praying into his desire to own his own home. He heard the word ‘Shechem’ pop into his head and with a mixture of confusion and intrigue, looked up the word in his Bible concordance.

Shechem turned out to be the place where Abraham bought a piece of land that would become an inheritance in the promised land. Immediately, both the faith and desire arose in Paul to seek a piece of land where he could build himself a home.

Some nine months later he negotiated a 10m x 10m parcel of land and managed to secure planning permission to construct two small  homes. One for himself and the other to pay for it. Both his architectural business and his understanding that God was interested in business were conceived. 


By 2007 Paul was pioneering both his firm, Snug Architects, and a new degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture at a leading university. This led to him taking a small team of engineering students to South India.

On the way back from this trip he sensed a clear call from God to return to India and “call and equip a generation of Christian Entrepreneurs to do business as ministry.” Over the following week Paul was inspired to write a body of biblically based teaching on how to do business God’s way.


Over the next ten years Paul had the opportunity to return regularly to India and share this prophetic revelation with over 2500 pastors and business leaders.


Just one month before the 500th anniversary of the Reformation Paul felt God challenging him to set up an organisation that would allow this message to reach a larger audience.

On the 31st of October 2017 BizMin was born. It was the day of the Reformation’s anniversary, .

Our launch initiative was Project 500. We were seeking to identify 500 Christian entrepreneurs, from across the world, who would pledge to do business as ministry. 


After nine months of limited progress Paul felt the nudge from God to put his money where his vision was. He invested in a Google Adwords campaign and just 3 months later we had hit our target. Over 500 Christian entrepreneurs from all across the world took up the pledge.

We were deeply encouraged by the global interest. We were also astonished to discover that the largest number of participants came from Tamil Nadu, the same state in South India where Paul had spent all those years sharing BizMin’s message. It was a great encouragement. 

It became clear that we needed to create a discipleship course that would allow Christians in business, and those with a passion to disciple them, to discover how to do Business as Ministry for themselves. 


In 2019 we wrote the BizMin Course, a ten part, iron sharpens iron, discipleship course.


We launched the course in March 2020, just as the Covid pandemic struck. Any possibility of running face to face courses was closed to us.

It was just the stimulus we needed to move the course online and was, it turns out, exactly what was needed. As a result, we were able to take the course global from day one.

The first course included participants from Asia, Africa, North America and the UK and established the template for how we have continued. 


The BizMin Course is today being offered around the world in English, Mandarin and Swahili, in many cases by facilitators who attended that first online course.

Each new course continues to expand both the impact of our message and our community of volunteer facilitators. It has been an exciting adventure and we praise God for all he has done and continues to do, mobilising Christians in business to make business their ministry.

The story continues…

What happened next? Read our Impact page for the latest!

The BizMin Team

Our core team have spent their careers leading businesses and encouraging other Christians to do business God’s way.

Paul Bulkeley


Paul founded his architecture practice, Snug Architects, in 2003. The company has been named by the Royal Institute of British Architects as a Role Model Practice, one of only nine in the country. It is also the award-winning designer behind the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, a monumental piece of public art that will be the largest Christian landmark in the United Kingdom.

BizMin grew out of Paul’s passion for placing Christian values at the heart of business, and teaching others how to do the same. He has delivered conferences and workshops to church and business leaders across the world.

A keen sailor and watersports enthusiast, Paul lives on the south coast of England with his wife and four energetic children.

Stuart Palmer


Stu is a “social alchemist” who loves subverting business. He served on the executive team of Traidcraft PLC, a fairtrade pioneer, then with CURE International, leading their surgical work and clubfoot treatment programme in Malawi.

Returning to the UK, he led Five Talents UK, a charity that provides microfinance and business training to economically and socially-marginalised communities around the world. He now leads the Boaz Project, an organisation that provides work experience for adults with learning difficulties.

As a BizMin Director, he is passionate about inspiring and discipling entrepreneurs worldwide to see their business as their ministry.

Brian Thatcher


Brian is the founder of Convene USA and Convene International Ministries. Both are Christian organisations that seek to connect, equip and inspire CEOs and business owners to live for Christ in their natural spheres of influence, grow exceptional businesses and honour God as they raise the cross at the centre of the marketplace.

A coach and mentor to Christian leaders in the USA and Asia for over 30 years, Brian holds degrees in economics and theology, and a certification in financial planning. He received the Governor General Gold Medal for Academic Excellence at the Master’s Level in Canada and was ordained as a pastor by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church in 1991.

Brian is a valued advisor and ambassador for BizMin. He lives in Northern Thailand and helps to support BizMin’s impact in the region.

Esther Ngéthe


Esther is an experienced accountant who has spent a large part of her professional life working with SMEs. She leverages her academic background in finance to help companies improve their profitability by better managing their financial, operational and investment activities.

Esther has also served with K-Krew BS, a Christian organisation that helps young people to study the Bible together and grow deeper in their faith. Occasionally, she blogs about some of the lessons she’s learning. Esther has a desire for holistic Christian living, where Christian values are not only practised in church but also in the marketplace.

Alongside BizMin, she also serves with Faith in Business, helping to enable Christians in business to develop a deeper engagement between their work and faith.

The BizMin Code

Not long after BizMin was born, we launched a campaign called Project 500.

Inspired by the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, it sought to identify 500 global entrepreneurs who would commit themselves to “doing business God’s way.” What should that commitment look like?

Our answer is the BizMin Code: 10 commitments that provide a godly infrastructure for the way we do business. These simple but profound statements of commitment help to build a deeper more accountable approach to business that is rooted in Christian faith.

Are you prepared to join them?

  1. I will strive to do business as ministry, recognising that God has taken hold of me, and my company, for His glory.
  2. I will regularly read the Bible, actively seeking to discover how to do business God’s way.
  3. I will respectfully make it known to colleagues, customers and competitors that I am a Christian, confidently revealing my values to them.
  4. I will trust God for my daily provision, regularly taking my business to God in prayer.
  5. I will seek to ‘love my neighbour’ in and through my work.
  6.  I will be extravagantly generous with all that I receive.
  7. I will pay my debts promptly and show grace to my debtors, recognising that we reap what we sow.
  8. I will work hard and, in faith, take rest each week.
  9. I will strive to bring all areas of my business under the authority of Christ.
  10. I recognise that I cannot achieve in my own strength. I recognise my need of the Holy Spirit and will seek to connect with and be supported by others in achieving the task of transforming my business into a fruitful ministry.

Are you prepared to do business God’s way? We hope you are but, we recognise that just because we are a Christian and happen to be in business does not mean we know how to do business God’s way. Like every area of the Christian life, we need discipleship. If that describes you, why not join other Christian entrepreneurs who are humbly seeking to discover how to do business as ministry by joining a BizMin Course.

It is time to join the adventure…

‘Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.

Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do:

Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. ‘

Philippians 3.12-14 (NIV)

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