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Discover how to make business your ministry with our online course

What is the BizMin Course?

We believe every Christian business leader has a God-given mission – to transform their business into a fruitful ministry for the glory of God.

The BizMin Course is how we equip Christians in business to do just that. It’s a 10-part discipleship programme that helps you discover how to transform your business into a fruitful Christian ministry. It is based on what the Bible says about business and will inspire you to put your faith at the heart of what you and your business do.

New courses start regularly and are delivered online in English, Mandarin and Swahili. So, wherever you are in the world, you can join the adventure.

10 weeks

Live + Online

2-hour sessions

Use the BizMin Course

Discover how your organisation or church can use the BizMin Course as your discipleship tool.

What does the BizMin Course cost?

One simple rate covers the course*. This includes:

  • 10 x online sessions
  • BizMin Course handbook
  • Maximum 12 participants

Price: $200 per person

Is cost an obstacle for you or your team?

*Our course fees are adjusted to reflect different economies around the world.

Get in touch to find out more.

Holly Jing

The BizMin Course has been a spiritual foundation for my business”

Learn with others

BizMin brings Christian businesspeople together.

The BizMin Course is specifically made for small groups, so you can learn and discuss the ideas together, allowing iron to sharpen iron.

We connect you with an online course on Zoom and, with the support of a BizMin Facilitator, you journey through the sessions with other Christian businesspeople from across the world. Our courses can also be delivered in partnership with the local church.

Go deeper in faith

The BizMin Course will help you build a systematic picture of God’s purpose for business.

The Course is designed to help you discover God’s vision for business, based on the Bible’s teaching. Each session focuses on a key theme – from exploring your calling, to living out Kingdom values in and through your business – building a systematic understanding of how to do business as ministry.

Over the weeks, you’ll learn how to use the gifts and opportunities God has given you to turn your business into an effective and impactful ministry that builds God’s Kingdom.

Who is it for?

The BizMin Course is aimed at anyone who wants to grow in their understanding of faith and business, and learn how to transform their own area of work into a fruitful ministry.

It’s made for Christian business leaders, business groups, Business as Mission (BAM) practitioners and church leaders who are serious about discipling the businesspeople in their community. Primarily, it’s made for individuals who want to discover how their business can become their ministry.

You may be a business owner, leader or manager who has responsibility for your organisation’s culture and practice. Or perhaps you’re a church leader who wants to help your business community better connect work and faith.

Whatever your background, you are welcome.

The Course has given us great insight into why and how to run a business with Christian values and purpose.

Far East BizMin Course members

A clear guide with fresh biblical insights. Essential reading – not just for entrepreneurs but for church members and leaders.

Jerry Marshall

Founder and Chair, Transformational Enterprise Network

A must-read for anyone wishing to achieve that rare combination of scriptural integration and business success.

Brian Thatcher

Founder and President, Convene International Ministries

The interactions with other course members enabled the materials to become ‘real’.

Danny Stupple

Managing Director, ABS Construction Claims Limited (UK)

It has re-prioritised our focus around employment, growing the team and remaining grounded in our main purpose.

Andy Bullock

Director, AX Studio Limited

The course empowered me to celebrate business as a mission tool.

Matt Aspray

CEO, Motion Picture SolutionS

Robin Penfold

“The discussions were honest, lively and encouraging”

A simple format

Each session is arranged around six key elements:


asking the Holy Spirit to guide us through each session


a Bible passage that opens up and informs the theme of the study


some core ideas to read and digest before we plunge in


a group exercise to draw out people’s personal experiences


breakout time to explore thought provoking questions and challenges


time to consider what we’ve learned and how you might apply it

Step-by-step guidance

A detailed handbook guides you through the sessions with space to record your reflections and insights

Danny Stupple

“Biblical insights, set out in a practical way”

10 interconnected themes

The Course systematically builds a vision for how to do business as ministry



Transforming Business

God created business to bring about collective prosperity through just means. But, too often, our modern business culture is characterised by selfishness, exploitation and corruption. We know it needs to be transformed – but how? This session explores how Christian entrepreneurs can use their faith and God-given talents to start that transformation.



Gifted for a Purpose

God has given each of us unique talents. How can we use them, humbly, to fulfil His purposes within our lives and businesses?



Called to Business

God calls us to be fruitful in the tasks we undertake in our daily lives. But what exactly is a “calling”, and what might it mean within the business context?



A Complete Ministry

Every Christian is called to a ministry. But what kind? And how do we strike the right balance between Word, Spirit and Deeds in the way we pursue it?



The Creation Mandate

In the very first chapter of the Bible, God mandates humans to “be fruitful”. How could a modern-day business fulfil that blessing, and continue to bear fruit for Christ?



The Great Commandment

The Bible asks us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and our neighbour as ourselves. How can our businesses help us achieve that?



The Great Commission

In Matthew 28, Jesus calls us to obey His commands and make disciples: the Great Commission. Is it possible to do that through our businesses? And if so, how?



Profiting through Purpose

The Bible has a lot to say about the pitfalls of money. Yet pursuing profit is central to any business. How can we resolve this tension biblically? Is it possible to profit with a purpose?



A Fruitful Ministry

To achieve a fruitful business ministry, we need to cultivate a Christ-like approach to leadership. How exactly can we go about that?



Leaving a Legacy

By committing to doing business as ministry, we commit to seeing the culture of our business transformed for Christ. What does that look like in practice – and how can we sustain it over the long term?

How do I get started?

There are new BizMin Courses starting up all the time.

Whether you are an individual looking to attend a course or represent an organisation or church that wants to utilise the course, please register your interest on our online application form. We’ll get back to you and make the arrangements. If you have any questions or special requests you can also contact us by email.

Meet our Facilitators

The BizMin Course is delivered by a group of volunteers with a passion for both God and business. We call them Facilitators, and they help us run courses all over the world in English, Mandarin and Swahili.

Paul Bulkeley


BizMin grew out of Paul’s passion for placing Christian values at the heart of business, and teaching others how to do the same. He has delivered conferences and workshops to church and business leaders across the world.

In 2003 Paul founded architecture practice, Snug Architects. The company has been named by the Royal Institute of British Architects as a Role Model Practice, one of only nine in the country. It is also the award-winning designer behind the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, a monumental piece of Christian public art that is set for construction in the heart of England.

A keen sailor and watersports enthusiast, Paul lives on the south coast of England with his wife and four energetic children.

Paul authored the BizMin Course and continues to find deep satisfaction in facilitating courses. Today his focus is primarily on expanding the movement and equipping others to become BizMin Facilitators.

Henry Mwaniki Mwangi


Henry sees BizMin as a refreshing and practical interpretation of the redemptive mandate that Christian entrepreneurs have been tasked with.

He believes one of its unique attributes is that it is an inspired course penned by businessmen to fellow businessfolk, and thus it resonates with the very core of what it means to be in business yet to hold true to the tenets of the Christian faith.

Given his Christian mission vantage point in CMS-Africa, He sees great opportunity and potential for discipleship of African Christian Entrepreneurs through BizMin, especially when it will have been fully localized and championed by African Christian Entrepreneurs for the African context.

Henry leads our Swahili speaking network.

Jon Hsiao


Jon is the CEO of Andmir Canada, a technology specialist working in the energy production sector. He also chairs the advisory team of the Christian ministry Convene and co-founded Excelsis Leadership International, a Bible-based initiative for Chinese leaders in business.

Jon’s interest in business as ministry grew out of his friendship with Brian Thatcher. Born and bred in China but now based in north America, his personal mission is now focused on serving and equipping Mandarin-speaking business leaders to become beacons of gospel light as they establish their businesses on biblical principles, demonstrated by Christ-like excellence in corporate and personal behaviour.

Jon helps to lead our network of mandarin speaking facilitators.

Marjory Mair


Marjory is a leadership and team coach. She set up Marjory Mair Associates in 2002 passionate about creating environments where people are trusted and affirmed and are set free to think creatively, act courageously and influence their organisations for good.

Being brought up in a Christian family instilled values that have challenged and supported her throughout her working life. Keen to more intentionally connect her faith and business, she attended her first Christian Business Leaders’ Breakfast in Oxford in 2017 which led to discovering BizMin in 2019.

After joining the inaugural course in Summer 2020 she co-delivered her first course as a facilitator in early 2021 inspired that there is greater joy to be found in combining faith and work.

Harvey Leach


Harvey is a consultant, trainer and coach in the area of Operational Excellence, enabling organisations to achieve high performance with ease and be more fulfilling and enjoyable places to work. He has been fascinated by the intersection of faith and work throughout his Christian journey, particularly exploring the parallels between biblical teaching and many of the leadership and cultural changes he saw taking place in Rover and BMW Group, where he worked until 2004.

Bringing the values and practices of the Kingdom to workplaces is now at the core of everything he does.  In addition to helping facilitate our English speaking courses, Harvey helps lead Christian Business Leaders in Oxford, where he first experienced the BizMin course and was convinced of its value to support CBL’s mission.

Andy Bullock

“It has helped reprioritise our focus”

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