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Your organisation can use the BizMin Course as a tool for discipling others

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If you are a church or organisation committed to discipling Christians in business, the BizMin Course is a great tool.

Whether youโ€™re someone who leads a business group, a church pastor, a Business as Mission (BAM) or mission organisation or even a seminary, we would love to help you deliver a great discipleship programme and mobilise your people to better understand how to do business God’s way.

Weโ€™ve had the privilege of collaborating with a range of organisations around the world to help them embed business as ministry. We can either facilitate the course for you or, even better, equip your people to become BizMin Course Facilitators.

Ready to find out more? Weโ€™d love to help you take the next step.
Please get in touch and we’ll work out how we can best support you.

Here are some examples of organisations that are using the BizMin Course to help them advance their mission.

Discover how others have used BizMin.

Jon Hsiao

“We’ve shared the course with 80+ trainees from 10 different countries”

Image of Steuart Payne
Pastor Steuart Payne

BizMin is an essential ingredient in our ministry programme

Pastor Steuart Payne has incorporated the BizMin Course into FORGE, a whole-life ministry school that he runs within his local church network. He says it’s helping students “to understand the principles of doing business as ministry, and equipping them to put those principles into practice.โ€

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