BizMin Training in Uganda

We are holding a FREE one day BizMin event in Mbale, Uganda on 21st February 2019. If you are in the region and able to attend you would be very welcome. BizMin’s founder, Paul Bulkeley, will be delivering a day of training on Kingdom Business. The event is suitable for anyone seeking to better understand how to do business God’s way, including business owners, leaders and pastors. If you would like to attend please make contact though the website.

We are very excited about what God is going to achieve in and through this event. We believe God is already speaking prophetically into this event. At a recent event a lady felt the logo on Paul’s jumper was significant. It depicted a bird standing on one leg. Thinking it was a stork, she spoke about how Paul would be used to deliver an important messages around the world. On arriving home Paul’s youngest son asked to see where in the world Uganda was. Their attention was then drawn to the Ugandan flag. Paul was surprised to see that at the centre of the flag there was a bird standing on one leg. What an amazing affirmation that Uganda is where BizMin should hold its first international event. We pray that God will use this event powerfully and begin a good work both in Uganda and across the continent.

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