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Discover how BizMin is impacting people across the globe

We’re so encouraged to see how God is using BizMin to call and equip faithful Christian business leaders around the world. Read on to see how people are using both the BizMin Course and our resources – online and in their local networks.

Latest stories

Read stories of how BizMin has impacted different people and organisations around the world.

“It gave me a space to explore what stewarding a business owned by God means”

Clinical Director Jo Throp wanted time to think deeply about God’s plans for her business.

“We invited BizMin to speak at our church”

Rev Tim Williamson asked us to bring a message about faith and business to his Sunday morning congregation.

“The BizMin Course has become the spiritual foundation for my business”

A Q&A with California-based BizMin attendee Holly Jing.

“I learned that business and ministry are interdependent”

A Q&A with Tanzanian pastor Shadrack Bahati Lwazula.

“It has helped us to reprioritise our focus”

A Q&A with director Andy Bullock.

“We invited BizMin to Lesotho for a 3-day event”

CEO Heather Mann asked us to run an on-site training programme for her staff and volunteers.

“BizMin is discipling people across the Mandarin-speaking business world”

CEO Jon Hsiao runs BizMin sessions with his business network in North America.

“Biblical insights – set out in a practical way”

A Q&A with MD Danny Stupple, BizMin Course attendee.
Image of Steuart Payne

“BizMin is now part of our training programme”

Pastor Steuart Payne from Portsmouth, UK, is using the BizMin Course in his local church network.
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