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If you want to mobilise Christian business people, we’d love to collaborate with you

We want to help mobilise Christian businesspeople, wherever they are in the world. If that’s something you feel passionate about too, why not explore how you and your organisation can partner with BizMin?

There are three main ways you can be a part of this adventure.


Become a facilitator and lead a group of people through a BizMin Course – on Zoom or in your community


Ask us to come and inspire the businesspeople in your local church or network


Help us spread the message further afield by investing in our work


There is huge demand for the BizMin Course. That’s good news! But it also means we need a growing community of volunteers to help us arrange and deliver courses.

One of the key ways you can support this movement is by helping us to identify Christian businesspeople who would benefit from BizMin. If you are able to help us promote the movement, signpost people to or even arrange courses, we would love for you to partner with us and become a BizMin Ambassador.

We are also looking to build our network of volunteer BizMin Facilitators. Our facilitators play a key role in the delivery of the BizMin Course. They’re the people who host sessions, guide group members through the course material, and help make sure everyone is engaged and enabled to share their thoughts and insights.

If you’re passionate about faith, business and Christian discipleship, why not consider joining our network of volunteers from around the world?

Who can be a Facilitator?

All BizMin Facilitators are committed Christians who are experienced in business and mature in their Christian faith. They’re also people who have experienced BizMin for themselves so, they’ll be keen to encourage other Christians to discover how to do business as ministry. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

What’s the commitment?

Our facilitators will have completed a BizMin Course themselves and are committed to leading at least one course. This can either be online using Zoom or, if you have formed a group yourself, a face to face course. BizMin usually runs on a weekly basis, so that’s 10 weeks in total. Some of our volunteers run one course each year. Others lead two or more. But the demand for new courses is always high. So, if you can find the time, we will help you find a great group of Christian businesspeople to join your courses.

How does it work?

If you have already completed a BizMin Course, you can register your interest in becoming a BizMin Facilitator with the facilitator team. You’ll then receive an invite to a simple training and validation session. These are held on Zoom and usually last half a day. We will then match your availability and language with a group of no more than 12 people who are waiting to do the course. A more experienced facilitator can also come alongside to support you too.

Does it have to be online?

Not necessarily. Most BizMin Courses are held on Zoom, with participants joining from all over the world. But you can also host BizMin in your church, inviting people to join you from the wider ecumenical community or within your company or business network. Our friends at Family Church in Portsmouth, UK, for example, use the BizMin Course as a tool for discipling their businesspeople. Read more about them here.

Get in touch!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Facilitator programme, we’d love to hear from you. Drop the BizMin team a line and we’ll be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Jon Hsiao

“We’ve shared the course with 80+ trainees from 10 different countries”


We are committed to building this movement around the world. We regularly deliver talks, workshops and multi-day events that help inspire Christians to get involved.

We’ve delivered teaching to business and church leaders, across many different settings and church denominations: businesses, churches, Christian business and mission organisations. And we’ve been privileged to do that all over the world, in places as diverse as the City of London and Lesotho, East Africa, South Korea and South India.

Invite us to speak

If you’re a pastor or business leader with a heart for teaching and encouraging Christian businesspeople, we would love to partner with you. You can invite a BizMin speaker to help inspire and encourage the Christian businesspeople in your community. Their message will be Bible-based, and full of amazing examples. It could be anything from a 20-minute inspirational talk to a systematic body of teaching that runs for two or three days and helps you to launch this movement in your community:

  • One-offs – a short sermon or talk with Bible teaching and a wide focus (eg “how to be fruitful wherever God has placed you”)
  • All-day events – a series of short talks and workshops that introduce the concept of “business as ministry” and what the Bible has to say about business.
  • Three-day programme – a series of interconnected talks and workshops that systematically serve to engage your people in this mission and help you to launch the movement in your community.

How can I invite BizMin?

Interested in booking one of our speakers? Or discussing the options in more detail? Just drop us a line and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible. Tell us a bit about your church or organisation, where you’re located, and how you’d like to involve us. We will arrange a phone or Zoom call with you to go through the details and explore how we can collaborate.

What else do I need to know?

BizMin speakers can and do travel across the globe to speak to congregations and businesspeople. Our mantra is that if you are willing to invite us, we will do our utmost to come. We only ask that you make the arrangements as host, and that you invite others to attend the talks or events. We may also be able to help cover some of the costs.

Heather Mann

“We invited BizMin to speak to our people in southern Africa”


BizMin is a genuinely global movement and we’re committed to supporting Christian entrepreneurs however we can, wherever they are.

We are helping business people from every walk of life to transform their business into a fruitful ministry. From America and Europe to Africa and Asia we want to continue helping Christian businesspeople to do business God’s way and for His glory!

But running BizMin on a worldwide scale takes significant time and resources. That’s why we’re blessed to have support from a number of Christian entrepreneurs and organisations who are committed to giving back. They’re partnering with us to invest in this movement and help us to grow the vision and reach more people.

If you’re established in business and would like to help others discover how to do business as ministry, why not consider supporting us? There are two key ways your financial support can help.

Supporting individuals

We have sought to keep the BizMin Course as accessible and low cost as possible. While the cost of attending a BizMin Course is low in Western terms, it can be a challenge for business people in some regions. Your subsidy will help a Christian entrepreneur in the developing world to join and benefit from one of our online courses. 

Expanding our impact

Whenever people ask us to bring the BizMin message to their home church or organisation, we always try to come. This has opened doors to expand the movement all over the world. By supporting us financially, you can help us cover the costs of seed funding the movement, enabling less privileged communities to invite us too.


Enables an individual in the developing world to attend a BizMin Course


Covers our travel to another country to introduce the message


Allows us to launch a BizMin hub in another country

Make an impact investment

Interested in finding out more about financially supporting BizMin? Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to talk through the possibilities in more detail. We see all those who support this movement as impact investors. You can expect a return on your investment!

Pastor Shadrack Bahati Lwazula

“I now teach my congregation to use every talent they have to serve the Lord”

Pastor Shadrack Bahati Lwazula heard about BizMin through a friend and wanted to see how he might apply it within his own ministry in Tanzania. Thanks to the BizMin subsidy scheme, he was able to join one of our online courses and bring the message home to his congregation.

Please pray for us

One of the main ways in which you can help support BizMin is to pray for this mission and movement. If you would like to join our monthly online prayer meeting we would love to hear from you. 

Ben and Paul, Snug Architects

Our sponsorship is helping BizMin to develop its global mission

At our company, Snug Architects, we have always found the commitment to do ‘business as ministry’ to be good for both our business and our souls. As part of our commitment to giving 10% of annual profits away, we have been able to help sponsor BizMin’s development over several years. It is great to be able to help BizMin grow a global mission and movement that we are privileged to be part of. We would encourage other Christian business leaders to join the adventure and explore how they could partner with BizMin to help finance this ‘good work’.

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