“Biblical insights – set out in a practical way”

Danny Stupple is the Managing Director of ABS Construction Claims Limited (UK), a company that resolves and prevents disputes for clients.

It helps mainly smaller contracting companies in the construction industry to receive justice. Achieving reconciliation, he says, β€œis the key Kingdom principle that drives the company.”

What aspects of the course have you found helpful?

The profound biblical insights are set out in a very practical way with great interaction opportunities.

How has it challenged your thinking?

I try to maintain the clear distinction between being a Christian in business to my business itself being a kingdom business in its modus operandi, in terms of close relational delivery and service towards reconciliation and mediation.

The interactions with other participants helped the materials to come alive

Danny Stupple

Did you find any parts of the course particularly encouraging?

Yes – the interactions with other course members enabled the materials to become “real” in their application to day-to-day business scenarios.

Would you recommend the BizMin Course to other business owners?

I have been personally impacted by BizMin and have recommended the resources to many – and asked them to do likewise!

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