“BizMin is discipling people across the Mandarin-speaking business world”

Jon Hsiao is CEO of Andmir Canada and Diamond USA.

He also chairs Convene, a global community of business leaders who meet regularly to share experiences, learn together and grow in their Christian faith.

Having been introduced to BizMin during the 2020 pandemic, he contacted us to see if he could use the course with other Mandarin-speaking businesspeople in his network.

“God really opened a door to us through the BizMin Course,” Jon explains. “We first encountered it during the 2020 lockdowns, when face-to-face meetings weren’t possible. I had a recommendation from the Convene founder, Brian Thatcher, to see about joining one of BizMin’s online courses. So I signed up with two Mandarin-speaking business friends, one based in Canada and the other in Texas, USA, and we were really impressed by it.”

Starting a new BizMin course

Having completed the course, Jon was keen to see how it would land with other Mandarin-speaking friends and colleagues. “We talked to both Convene and BizMin, to explore how we could grow role-model Christian leaders in the Mandarin-speaking marketplace,” he says. “From that, we decided to run the course in our network. I was able to help with the translation and subtitling of the Course into Mandarin. We then started to coordinate the Mandarin speakers to co-lead some groups.

We hope to build a 5,000-strong network of Mandarin-speaking business leaders

Jon Hsiao

“A few months later, we had our first launch: a small group of Mandarin-speaking entrepreneurs living in North America started a BizMin class in January 2021. That was followed by a second, third and fourth class. Now there are at least two in-person groups happening in East Asia. Incredibly, these fast-growing online groups have already reached over 100 Mandarin-speaking CEOs, spanning 17 different countries!”

Textbooks, videos and book clubs

“As a BizMin Facilitator, I’ve been able to lead the work into other new areas,” Jon adds. “We have started a BizMin book-reading club and run face-to-face training classes. We have also developed bilingual textbooks and introductory videos for each BizMin session.

All these things are helping us to make disciples in business circles and integrate biblical principles into our daily business practice.”

A burgeoning mission field

Using BizMin alongside his other ministry initiatives, Jon is excited about the opportunities that are opening up for faith and entrepreneurship – particularly within the Mandarin-speaking business world.

“We envisage building a globally-established faith community of CEOs that will consist of at least 5,000 Mandarin-speaking Christian business leaders. BizMin is part of that. We’re committed to running the Course within our network, helping people to live for Christ in their natural spheres of influence and “to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God!”

“Our vision is to make disciples in business circles and integrate biblical principles into daily business practice. Our mission is to build each other up with love, sharpen each other with truth, and support each other with resources. BizMin is helping us to live out these principles.”

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