“BizMin is now part of our training programme”

Steuart Payne is Executive Pastor at Family Church in Portsmouth, UK.

The church is actually part of a wider network of congregations in nearby Gosport, Havant, Waterlooville and the New Forest. Their shared mission is to “reach people where they are, grow people into all that God has called them to be, and empower people to live for God and to reach and grow others.”

Part of the way they do that is through a whole-life ministry school called FORGE. And that’s where BizMin comes in.

A resource for the church

“The BizMin Course has become an essential ingredient in our FORGE programme,” Steuart explains. “The idea behind FORGE is to provide opportunities for life-shaping encounters with God, preparing disciples for Kingdom living and for the work of ministry. Our aim is to prepare people to serve God’s Kingdom according to his unique call upon their lives.

“We use the BizMin Course as part of that programme, helping students to understand the principles of doing business as ministry, and equipping them to put these principles into practice.”

Deepening mission thinking

Steuart has been pleased to see how BizMin has helped his students develop their thinking about business and ministry. “All of our students have been impacted by the course. One of them, who is looking to start a new business in the near future, commented that he has been “thoroughly equipped” for the work that he believes God has called him to.

BizMin is an essential ingredient in our ministry programme

Steuart Payne

“As a church leader, I feel the most important aspect of the course is that it helps those who are called into “business” to understand how to do it God’s way – that ministry is the means and the method, and that God uses people in business to build His Kingdom.”

A tool for other pastors

Having successfully integrated BizMin into FORGE, Steuart is happy to recommend it to other church leaders. “I’d highly recommend the BizMin Course, for two reasons:

  1. It changes attitudes towards business, as people realise there is a way to do business that glorifies God.
  2. The way it is presented is interactive and discussional, drawing people into the material that is presented and helping them apply it to their own lives and businesses.

“We’re now also working on changing the language of our church leadership team so that our church members have a clearer understanding of what ministry is and for those called into business to seek to do it God’s way. We will achieve this by making the BizMin course available to the wider church.”

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