“I learned that business and ministry are interdependent”

Shadrack Bahati Lwazula leads a Free Pentecostal church in the Mara region of Tanzania, east Africa.

Part of his discipleship work with church members involves exploring the connection between people’s businesses and their faith in Jesus Christ. HIs desire to build on that message was one of the things that led him to do an online BizMin Course.

What does your church role involve?

My role as a young pastor with a young congregation is to reach out to people, preach the Gospel, and disciple the new believers into spiritual maturity using the Word of God. This will help them to grow and participate in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). This is the mission of our organisation.

Why did you sign up for a BizMin Course?

I chose to attend the BizMin Course after I heard a friend talking about it. I visited the website and I was so impressed by the teachings from Brother Paul Bulkeley. They were something very important to me and my ministry in these modern societies that need “business cultural transformation”, so as to incorporate business and faith for the good of our societies and the glory of God.

I now teach my congregation to use every talent they have to serve the Lord

Pastor Shadrack Bahati Lwazula

What did you learn from the course?

One thing I learned was that business and ministry are inseparable and interdependent when done God’s way. Thanks to God (and the founder of BizMin) for the great insight on that! I also found that most of the BizMin sessions are very helpful and relevant to the Word of God. In particular, Lesson 1 – Transforming the Culture of Business for the Glory of God – captivated my whole being and transformed my way of thinking concerning business and ministry at large.

Have you made any changes based on what you learned?

As a result of the BizMin Course, I now teach my church to use every talent and gift to serve the Lord, which includes the ability to do business as a “Kingdom Entrepreneur”. That means focusing on creating wealth through service rather than selfishness, and doing business as a ministry in God’s way, as a part of true worship.

Would you recommend the BizMin Course to other Christians?

Frankly speaking, I highly recommend the BizMin course to all people who are serious about doing business God’s way. It helps people to understand that being wealthy is not a hindrance to serving God, but rather an opportunity to worship Him more abundantly through serving His creation through our different talents and gifts given by God to build His Kingdom on earth for His own glory.

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