“It has helped us to reprioritise our focus”

Andy Bullock is the Director of AX Studio Limited, a web design and branding studio that focuses on “elevating small businesses and projects and the people behind them.”

Why did you sign up for a BizMin course?

Business and ministry was an intriguing prospect that we hadn’t previously given much consideration to, despite knowing God was leading us through the platform of business.

What was helpful about it?

The rich course material, which combined sound biblical focus, grounded testimonies from the business world and a mature understanding of business matters.

We were reminded that we need to remain grounded in our purpose

Andy Bullock

Did it challenge your thinking in any way?

BizMin has challenged our thinking. We are a husband-and-wife team so, as directors, it has been a good leveller, helping us to reprioritise our focus. This includes in the area of employment and growing the team and, overall, always trying to be reminded to remain grounded in our main purpose.

Would you recommend BizMin to other business owners?

Yes. I’d go as far as recommending it as a staple for any Christian who believes God is placing them on a path of business. There is a good balance between avoiding pigeon-holing who should or shouldn’t be in business, while challenging you to more deeply consider questions around “why” you are in business and if it is for you.

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