“The BizMin Course has become the spiritual foundation for my business”

Holly Jing is a Mandarin-speaking businessperson who lives in San Diego, California.

What drew you to the BizMin Course?

Before taking this course, I actually had little education on business. In doing it, though, I began to learn about the biblical principles of building a “Kingdom Business”. Like a ministry at a church, a Kingdom Business must have a vision and mission that meets the needs of God’s people, and it must glorify God’s name in what we do through the business.

Did any of the teaching particularly resonate with you?

I learned that many successful businesses are actually built on biblical foundations, such as Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby and Hallmark. In one of our classes, Brother Jon Hsiao invited a top manager from Chick-fil-A to share his management experience with us. He also invited many other top-level managers who shared their practical tips and experiences with us. So we have been equipped – not only with the knowledge of how to build a Kingdom Business, but also with practical tips on how to handle day-to-day situations.

I learned that many successful businesses are built on biblical foundations

Holly Jing

What else did you enjoy about the programme?

Doing the Course also gave me the opportunity to connect with successful businessmen and businesswomen who are also Brothers and Sisters in the church. We share the same faith and the same goal, so we can build up each other. In fact I’m still connected with other members through the meetings organised by Brother Jon. He has been leading the course with great diligence, passion, and patience. He and other advisors have been instrumental in teaching the course among Chinese entrepreneurs around the world.

What fruits have you seen emerging from the Course?

The number of people doing the Course has grown steadily over the past three years. And the members are located in a wide variety of industries, over all five major continents. As more and more business owners run their businesses in a godly way, according to the principles taught in BizMin, I think we will see the business world being transformed. The Course has become the spiritual foundation for my business too.

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