“The discussions were honest, lively and encouraging”

Robin Penfold is the Managing Director of a company in the UK.

What did you make of BizMin?

I found BizMin to be a superb course, very well put together and led by someone who has clearly sought God in business with depth and integrity for a long time, digging deep into the Word, and into Christian history, to bring forth an amazing glimpse of Godโ€™s heart and vision within business.

Who else was on your course?

The course brought together a great group of people from different business and church backgrounds with a common interest in hearing Godโ€™s voice on this important and exciting subject. The discussions we shared were honest, open, lively and encouraging.

The ideas have become foundational to what I do

Robin Penfold

What did you learn from it?

For me, the course represented an opening up of a fuller vision and direction – an introduction to ideas that have become foundational in what I do, a stimulus for much further enquiry and making connections with other Kingdom Business people which have continued long beyond the course.

Why would you recommend BizMin?

The course provides a solid grounding and stimulus for enquiry into a wide range of topics, checking motives and oneโ€™s personal view of wealth and success and seeking to ground the practical business everyday in a mature kingdom vision.

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