“We invited BizMin to Lesotho for a 3-day event”

KEL Growing Nations Trust is a charity in Lesotho, southern Africa. Led by CEO Heather Mann, its vision is to deliver transformation through sustainable agriculture.

The organisation works with farmers, communities and young people to teach conservation methods that will enable them to provide for their families while preserving the land around them – they call it “farming God’s way”. When Heather asked us if we could offer training for a conference she was hosting in Lesotho, we were glad to make it happen.

Business training with an African flavour

Paul Bulkeley flew down to Lesotho to deliver three days of training at our conference,” Heather explains. “The first one was called MBA in a Day. That was followed by two days of training themed around the concept of Kingdom business. Both courses were attended by a diverse mix of people: staff, volunteers, farmers, a local pastor, and a group of young business professionals from a church in the capital, Maseru.”

Spreading the word

The training had a real impact on the people who came along, Heather adds. “The events were very successful and everyone went away inspired and challenged about how they could change their own perspectives to glorify God through their businesses and their lives. Since the course, it has been fascinating to see how it has impacted the lives of those who attended, particularly those who we mentor here at Growing Nations.

It has been fascinating to see how the event has impacted the lives of those who attended

Heather Mann

“Aspects of the course have been clearly applied by the team and the Kingdom Business message has been passed on to others that they have come in contact with. The local pastor has been sharing the Kingdom Business philosophy with other pastors and has also taken the opportunity to pray for local businesspeople during the church service, which is something that has never happened before.”

Potential for follow-ups

Having seen BizMin in action, Heather is keen to keep applying the principles within her own network. “We can see great potential for Kingdom Business principles to be used in many different areas, including business-as-mission training, for those who wish to serve the Lord on the mission field through business,” she says.

“There has been much interest generated by those who came and, God willing, we are looking forward to facilitating another visit by Paul to help spread the message of Kingdom Business to more church leaders, future missionaries and business people here in Lesotho.”

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