“We invited BizMin to speak at our church”

Rev Tim Williamson is the pastor of Bluntisham Baptist Church in Cambridgeshire, England.

Having known BizMin founder Paul Bulkeley for nearly two decades, he was keen for him to bring the BizMin message to his congregation – to discover how our workplaces can be effective locales for Christian ministry, whatever we do for a living.

Business as mission field

Though most of Tim’s flock weren’t business leaders or CEOs, the business-as-ministry message has a cross-congregational relevance for anyone who is seeking to connect their faith and work.

“As a large and active congregation which seeks to equip our members to be missional disciples, inviting Paul to share the vision of the BizMin Course was an obvious choice,” Tim explains.

“As churches, we quite rightly affirm and commission those from our congregations going out to the mission field in foreign countries, but just as integral to God’s heart for mission is to recognise, enable and commission those in the daily mission field of business.”

It helped people grasp how to orientate their businesses around Kingdom opportunities

Tim Williamson

Growth in interest

The talk sparked plenty of interest from church members, Tim adds. “As a result of Paul’s visit with us, several of our Christian business men and women are hoping to join an online BizMin Course.

“I’m confident that their participation on the course will not only inspire them further, but that they will also be fully equipped to see their businesses bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God.”

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